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Dark Impression
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Dark Impression

Why am I here, I ask?
I ponder from day to day,
living is a nightmare
I’ve lost my way.

Life is a difficult task
each day is a day of depression,
why am I here, I ask myself?
Life leaves me with a
dark impression.

Each day I feel useless
my children are grown
days pass by painfully slow;
feeling in the morrow’s

I feel as if I’m doomed
to live a life so dark and blue
what is my reason for living this way?
Everything around me's

Days and nights come and go
never feeling like I belong
no family is here to comfort me
no one is here to help me
be strong.

Need help and guidance;
but no one's to be found
others have their own problems
yet live their days feeling safe
and sound.

Would like to wake up with the sun
shining as the day goes by
to laugh with my grandchildren again some day
why am I here, I ask myself?
that’s why.

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literally brought tears to my eyes