(1965 / United States)

Dark In Me

Welcome to my haunted house
Dare to see the dark in me
Suits of armor wait to joust
Eyes in portraits move to see

Stroke my ego, don't be shy
Give my id his equal pay
Watch the serpent slither by
My alter ego's chance to play

In the dungeon sleeps the creature
Securely cuffed in mounted chains
Disregard his ragged features
Please excuse the carpet stains

Behind the bookcase hides my secrets
Discretion swept up under rugs
The dark in me you haven't met
Struggles loose in warring tugs

Tempting me in carnal pleasure
Rewarding me if I dare
Accolades in grand measure
Disposing me in deep despair

by Brian Dorn

Comments (40)

an honest word on human nature............well done.
I love this one and without any hesitation am adding it as my favourite
one of my favourites i love it
There's a likeness to a snake, representing 'The bad in me' Image apon image, speaks of the dark corners, the sinister side. A bit Edgar Allan Po well done again Would need a copy to say more, but certainly found rich imagery here Daphne G
the dark in you is the dark in me...i love the dark...it is a place that i visit too, because if i dont it haunts me and leads me into dungeons of my mind that i do not want to go.i loved the erotic feel to this poem...could almost see the stains on the carpet..great imagery.
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