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Dark Invasion
JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

Dark Invasion

Poem By Jo Lynn EhnesAllen

My spirit wanders through the misty dawn
In search of dreams that scattered in the night.
My hope for finding love is all but gone
As visions slowly drift from my mind's sight.

Despair attempts to settle in my heart
As passion's burning fire begins to fade.
I beg for ardor's feelings not to part,
Yet in my soul I feel the dark invade.

Without that tender touch, the storm clouds rise,
Enclosing me in fear and deep torment.
No lover close to hear my painful cries
Or pull me from the hell to which I'm sent.

The demons dance and chant a haunting song,
Entrapped within their lair, I must break free.
Their grasp on my emotions is so strong;
Will my beloved ever hear my plea?

Encased inside great sadness I will stay
Until I feel the clasp of true love's hand.
This is the pulling strength for which I pray,
To break the chains of evil's high command.

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