Dark Knight

Poem By Jeff Law

When I met you, my eyes flew and you made the catch
When I met you I felt something powerful, forgetting about your scratch
But a link was not able so I became your friend
And with the feelings there I kept it all in, I was forced to pretend

Me and you, where the closest of friends, but will you take the chance
for a date and a dance, don’t say no or I can’t, just fall into my arms
Romance and affection, building up your first connection
A man like me can offer fun, care, conversation and protection

You can let me hold your hand; you can let me treat you royally
Your deserve the finest things because you are the highest royalty
We have a journey for both of us; if you want it what’s mine is yours
I would give everything for you because that is what boyfriends are for

These feelings I have, they are real and I wont make pretend
Into spontaneous times, onto your doorstep will you let me in
If we continue as friends then our adventure will end
but this letter I’ve written, it’s stamped, sealed, now send

When I see you I don’t want you to go, and miss you when you leave
I guess I can say I’m over the moon that Jade told me about her dream
I like you more and more that I see you, everything feels right
your something really special and I’m honored you chose me to be your own dark knight

I’m the diamond in the rough, I hope you’ve heard enough
I’ve liked you for so long and now the time has come for us
You are truly a thing of astonishment and you are just so beautiful
With you an amazing friend, but my girlfriend now that’s wonderful

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