Dark Light

So dark is the world, light is abomination
Cleave hard to a rock, forget imagination
Walk in faith don’t slumber, slide comprehension
You’ll see angels whine, sparkles like circled clime.

So wide is the world, space is consternation
Trumpets sound a triumph, hear no confirmation
Walk in unity no breather, pile charge, confusion
Feel rumbles in vain air, smells hard in fission.

So uncontainable is dark, light is a grieve miracle
The space is undivided, no need of imagination
But fear is insurmountable, no fountain nor oracle
You touch its water, reality is no configuration.

When will this battle end, good and evil barely mend
No planets, stars, nor galaxies of sort by far to land
No humans, no plants, no trees nor movement at hand
On this dying world, yes, surely a curtain bend!

by Gil Gregorio

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darkness to the world...abuse to earth environments...truistic concepts.. well written... Ency Bearis