Dark Love

The fragrance of your love wafts through the air around me,
I choke on it coz I know it’s false, I know it will make me fall,
I close my eyes in terror, ready to fight the clawing arms of your love,
I am holding tight the past that had made me forget my pain,
You come closer to take my hands in yours,
I try to run away, I hate being subject to your lies,
But you make me believe you truly love me,
I realize it’s the lie you have learnt over the years and I have no way out,
I fawn at you and fight back the impulse to kill you,
I look at you, in your eyes I see the shimmer of pain I put you through,
I feel happy, I feel young again…
Like a child who relishes the death of the bee that stung it,
You are holding me in a warm embrace and I pray for a peaceful death,
I give my word to never leave you alone, you smile at me with a belief that you won,
My eyes pool the tears of blood and remorse; you are too blind to feel them in your elation,
I give in to the defeat and stand up to be with you in your journey of life, my death,
This dark love will never leave me alone, in pain and grief I will move,
To be your angel, angel of sin, angel of wrong….for you I’ll be your only love, true love…
Love forever…

by Pradeeta Mishra

Comments (2)

A nice poetic imagination, Pradeeta. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
I love the transition of tone here among the brilliant imagery, such as: 'to fight the claws of your love' because of its ambiguity and how it justifies the change in tone in the middle and the end, obviously where the speaker feels they must live a lie to their own detriment. Excellent.9/10 (just because nothing is perfect!)