Dark Lover (Adult Content)

Slender, willowy, her gown billowing
around her, she waited, trembling.
White flowers spilled over her like
a wedding veil. The clouds were huge
hands in the sky that blotted out
the moon and the stars.

She waited in deepest darkness.
She waited in endless blackness.
Invisible, he sprang from that darkness,
surrounding her, enveloping her, clasping
her. With urgent kisses, he claimed her.

She swayed and sighed and moaned,
yet still he held her, refusing
to release her while her silken petals
slipped down unnoticed. Finally
he penetrated her, even to her innermost
being, he penetated her. At last he
released her. Softly he breathed,
'I must go now.' Her slender trunk
yearned toward him. Her leafy arms
trailed after him.

He murmured to her, 'As night forever
follows day, so I'll come to you.
I'll find you even in the blackest night.
Watch for me my dearest!
Wait for me, my love! '

So breathed her lover of the darkness.
So vowed her lover, the wind.

by Mary Naylor

Comments (4)

That my friend was one passionate breeze! Excellent.
'Her slender trunk yearned toward him. Her leafy arms trailed after him.' Such a beautiful poem! ... You are gifted. Thank you for sharing. Love to you, Esther
I picture a cherry tree in full flower in the warm caresssing breeze of a Spring night. Beautiful poem. -chuck
Very observant and composing poem holds you wishing like the tree right to the end.