Dark Mountain

Poem By Mystykka Mysterious

Far in a land where the people dwell,
A darkness of disappointment fell,
On the land of which I speak.
No one knows where it came from,
But a drought much larger will come,
And dry up our newborn creek.

Everything is dead,
So everyone has seen,
Even when I said,
On this land which I deem,
Alive and great.
But what happened...
Nothing, but a terrible fate.

Among the land where people thrive,
Everything good will take a dive,
To the feet of He.
He will absorb up all the good,
And turn it in what should,
Be dark and evil to them and me.

I said Fall great darkness!
And rise great good!
And the darkness replied,
I would if I could,
For the power of He,
Is much stronger than me,
I'd love to stop tormenting,
Your precious town,
But if I do,
I will fall down,
And bow at His feet,
But that part of life,
Is too early for me.
So I cannot stop,
Plaguing your precious mountain-top.

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great poem, you are very talented keep up the great work.

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