Dark Night- A Nightmare

Dark Night - a Nightmare

The dark night creeping
like a venomous snake
trying to gobble, obliterate
all good things, good wishes
dancing nude like a demon incarnate
wiping off this earth of brightness
stealing with all crudeness
of inactivated slumber dogs
creeping like helpless creatures
in the world of mental torment.
Flashing view of passionate feat
suceesful gleam of surrendered beasts
the night falls deep within
again to ring in more misery
deep darkness surrouding all
the lively chickens in deep despair
the mute despair coiling within
pulling into more knots.
The breakthrough is tough to sustain
the eyelids shut again,
slowly to return back to light
the dawn of musical delight
unfolded dark dreams wither away
the renewed energy is there to stay
the call of morning gives way
hope and goodness come hither
freshness blooms like a hot cuppa
the morning sun shines again.


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