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Dark Of Night

The sounds of the creaking floor used to bring comfort as she drifted off to sleep
And then he came, and the darkness became her biggest fear causing her knees to go weak
She knows that he will come, for he comes with the night
The things he does, the things he says she knows are not right

He was big, well over six feet
It seems she had wronged him in some way and he would make her repent
He had nails that cut like razors as it tore at her clothing
Sleep was no longer an option for her and crying offered no solace

The tears of a little girl sways it not
Just the opposite it seems only to excite
So much quilt, so much pain
So many tears, so much shame

The dawns fast approaching and soon it will end
But only until the night as come again
For theres this monster under her bed
and each night it comes......without fail...........

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a very well written poem of fear and deep emotions very well done with wonderful flow and images.
This poem is so deep, just amazing! The imagery is great, and also the words you used! Elya Thorn