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Dark Poetic Mind

This poem bleeds dysfunctional desire,
Blood stains through the dirty streets
Mark the paths we trod,
Urban avenues of despair,
But I was still romantic for you,
Your thin unattractive body
And unwashed stringy blond hair,
Your ghost stare in the headlights’ glare,
Your wish to blend into streetlamps
Of non-existence,
Romantic for your perishing soul
Looking for a ride home from strangers
at 2: 00AM,
Something about drugs and tortured eyes
On a lost waif and her pointless life
Was registering as meaningful
In my dark poetic mind,
You offered me the best sex I could ever have,
But I thought, I better let it slide,
Just let you talk about it,
Not put those skinny bones to the test,
Not be one more creep killing a girl
And getting a disease.

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Love teeters on the brink of the dark and emo...but anyway, this is indeed poetic and dark (which is a good thing, of course) and I enjoyed it. eni da kid
Its amazeing this poem i enjoy it thanks!
Dark? No. Poetic for sure, with the utmost of talent - and the finely-tuned mind behind the pen shines through. I sometimes think all love is dysfunctional... sometimes rose-tinted spectacles, as they say, sometimes glasses which make the whole world seem black and bleak. Another epic, Uriah. t x
great poem, as always
'But I was still romantic for you, ' excellent Uriah!
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