Will Not Be Starting On Time

Poem By James Onuska

This poem bleeds dysfunctional desire,
Blood stains through the dirty streets
Mark the paths we trod,
Urban avenues of despair,
But I was still romantic for you,
Your thin unattractive body
And unwashed stringy blond hair,
Your ghost stare in the headlights’ glare,
Your wish to blend into streetlamps
Of non-existence,
Romantic for your perishing soul
Looking for a ride home from strangers
at 2: 00AM,
Something about drugs and tortured eyes
On a lost waif and her pointless life
Was registering as meaningful
In my dark poetic mind,
You offered me the best sex I could ever have,
But I thought, I better let it slide,
Just let you talk about it,
Not put those skinny bones to the test,
Not be one more creep killing a girl
And getting a disease.

Comments about Will Not Be Starting On Time

Love teeters on the brink of the dark and emo...but anyway, this is indeed poetic and dark (which is a good thing, of course) and I enjoyed it. eni da kid
Its amazeing this poem i enjoy it thanks!
Dark? No. Poetic for sure, with the utmost of talent - and the finely-tuned mind behind the pen shines through. I sometimes think all love is dysfunctional... sometimes rose-tinted spectacles, as they say, sometimes glasses which make the whole world seem black and bleak. Another epic, Uriah. t x
great poem, as always
'But I was still romantic for you, ' excellent Uriah!

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