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Dark Room
SI (18/11/1984 / Riyadh)

Dark Room

Poem By Sarah Ibrahim

Tossing and turning in my bed
Thousand thoughts conquering my head

Things doesn't feel right anymore
Lots of things changed from before

Opened my heart with caution not to get hurt
Suddenly all my feelings got under the Dirt

I've been told Life is River that keeps on Rolling
But somewhere along the way i missed the Calling

Stumbling not wanting to fall
While I'm crossing darkness hall

No longer sure where to put my steps
While every Drop of courage within me slips

Lost the light of the flickering candle
Nothing around seems easy to handle

Standing in the middle of darkened room
Held to the floor with chains of gloom

Frozen. Unable to cry
As I lose it all in a Dark room
Under a moonless Sky

Sarah Ibrahim ©

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Comments (11)

Frozen. Unable to cry As I lose it all in a Dark room Under a moonless Sky I loved that most
walking dazed in the darkness, mind...well, a good expressive write, Sarah...light is always there at the end of the tunnel...HIS light...10
True...but somtimes we get observed in darkness tht we ignore the light tht is ready to brighten our life, , , , thts why we should never lose hope no matter how tough is our life our faith and trust on Allah turn dark nights in to bright days.. overall very nice composition..keep it up....! i liked it
Sometimes life becomes a dark room, a nightmare... but there is always a way out, always a door is lit up...!
very well described and theatrical