TC (April 10th,1987 / Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Dark Side

I got in touch with my dark side
Behind a sea of glass and dust
The shard pressed into me till I smelled blood
We all do what we feel we must

I’ve never regretted any choice
I never saw anything I’ve done as bad
Because without each and every one of them
I wouldn’t have gotten the things I have

And though I may have caused a lot of pain
It doesn’t compare to the pain I’ve felt
I refuse to take responsibility for anyone else’s
We all have to play the hand we were dealt.

Some people were only there to teach me lessons
I’ve tried to take the lessons and leave the people behind
I move on a little further every day
And I only miss them sometimes.

I envy all those people that take so much longer
To learn what they must to move forward
Because they get to remain blind for precious seconds
Rather than see the bland future they move toward.

They don’t have to know that dreams shrivel and die
They have more time left to hold them tight.
Because ever second matters when you watch it shrink
As the cold wind stings you through the abyss of time.

Here I am, I know I can never return to then
Free to dream, thinking I will always be able to
And I have nothing to be but proud of my mistakes
Because I have nothing else to prove.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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