Dark Streets

A lonely prostitute staggers down a misty street in the cold
Stalked somewhere close by a pimp who’s looking for his gold
Not enough bruises as she has enough skin like that of snow
Fresh enough for her drunk boyfriend to inflict another blow

Can't hear this city weeping now when I see no more remorse
Perhaps this is the way a violent nature must run its course
Another knife drawn and found the heart of a father of two
Guess it's not brutal enough when a baby’s strangled 'till blue

A teenager shivers in the freeze whilst caught for another fix
Just a shot from the needle of a slow suicide to get his kicks
So damn raw she's almost lost the skin from her bloodied knees
Serving at age 11 to foster her 5 year old sister amongst fleas

Where's the politicians now who knocked and mocked at your doorstep
Didn't they say something about clearing up this mess or their inept?
Reduce a tax on fuel and hit me for my smokes to relieve own stress
How really damn stupid was I to think they really could care less

How many firearms did you collect on the day of the gun amnesty?
Maybe if we collected the homeless could you find some sympathy?
Or am I just naive when I say that none of us are equal employers
Opportunities abound only when your face fits in illegal tenders

Could the evil CEO stab the pensioners in the back in such greed?
Was Enron not a great enough example so that liberty could be freed?
Empower an attorney when the raped victim is forever traumatised
When a cocky faced bastard smug at the sentence suspended, surprised?

Maybe I should be a gangster too and at least be the internal infiltrator
Something I would do gladly if it meant my daughter could be safer
When she walks home before turning up missing, all saying I’m neglectful
Through the media as that’s what matters more then being respectful

Am I coward or killer if I murdered the killer who killed my friend?
Or just yet another example bringing violence no closer to an end
Another school shooting yet gun laws never change to protect innocence
Welcome to the dark streets they are as common as all of this violence

by Vision Ghost

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