You're So Hard To Forget

Words of love

displayed on a

page for the

world to see

my inner heart

was opened up

for all to

see my frailties

we exchanged words

of love and lust

we had no

right to give

what another owned

yet we instilled

lover's feelings into

the forbidden heart

of each other

knowing that it

would be found out

finally you said

enough is enough

and closed the

door to our affair

of the heart

now after all

this time I still

cannot get you

outta my mind


by G.B. Smith

Comments (8)

You're a very naughty girl Linda Ori! But of course you were only thinking of the metre and rhyme when you were writing this...never lingering for a moment on the content... ... spell.. binding as always! X
Darkness pervades your poem, and yet there is some immaculate beauty in it. Loved the flow, thanks for sharing, Linda. Yelena M.
Ahh, I came across this one a week too late. Oh well, I still see remnants of Halloween around me, so it's better late than never. Great writing, Linda!
This is exquisite. To some of us (both under and over the age of 40) this is more real than imaginary. Love this style and the bewitchment of the words. (smile)
A surprising poem from you! Yet it is interesting to the end!
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