(28.06.1952 / Coventry)

Dark Thoughts

The darkness settled like a cloud of ash and dust
In dreams whose very nature left a pounding heart
And all my worries spoke to me in a verbal gust
Increasing pressure on a mind that's fell apart

It hovered over me as sleep increased my pain
Began to take control and stretch my feelings so
And all that I held dear was opened up again
With nowhere else to leave its mark, nowhere to go

No sunrise in that dream of mine where monsters lay
My broken body fighting to redeem itself
To cleanse itself of horrors that won't go away
And leaving memories locked in boxes on a shelf

Stored for years to come where consciousness prevails
Opening up the wounds and scars as sleep ensues
There's nothing left for me, except the dark ash sails
That float across my sea of doubt, amid the blues

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