SP (May 22,1990 / Salt Lake City)

Dark To Light


Anguish pain yearning
Reaching but never touching
Looking but never seeing
Listening but never hearing

Falling now
Instead of trying to stop
I let go
Fall into lightless wonder I drop

When will it end?
Forgetting, just dreaming no time to spend

The pain disappears
Until I awoke
Then I just want to sink down again
Burn the words I spoke

It’s a mess
A disastrous pose
No, not forever never forever
Like secrets hidden right under your nose

You’re gone now
And I’m alone
Never to love again
Pain’s crushing my white bone


I’m sorry. You loved me
I loved you too
But I had to leave
Due to save you

I wasn’t right for you
the confused beauty
But you’re a wondrous god
The king with the key

You still have my heart
But I had it first
I need to move on now
And get you out of my murk

But you didn’t listen
You still wanted me
And I left your sight
Never again to be seen

Your heart has broken
And the darkness smoothers me
I miss you mounds
And I’m still in love with you terribly

And now you’ve forgotten
That I ever existed
You’re happiness matters most to me
And I’ll just struggle out of this dread

The dark never leaves me though
But you’re better off
So I’ll strive to survive
And live my life ruff

I’m still in love with you
And the fact that you’re gone burns
But I did it for the best
Even though I now yearn


I’ve made my new life!
I’m living better now
The gloom has mostly left
And you’ll probably ask how

I’ve fell in love again
Though your still my first love
I’ll never forget you
And all you’ve given me-the white dove.

Yes, I’ll remember that dove
Like I’ll remember you
You’ve both disappeared
But our love is still true

We both live better
The weary is gone
See you in heaven
Live love laugh all life long

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