Darkest Dawn

Poem By Okami Kamikaze

Sunlight fading
Stars shine
Wind whispers
Wolves cry

Branches sway
Owls call
Moon rises
Shadows crawl

Thunder rumbles
Lightning flashes
Roses rise
From the ashes

Illusionists, our minds are
Players of the smallest pawn
Wishers upon distant stars
But night is the darkest before the Dawn

Comments about Darkest Dawn

you really too your time hey, well done
you really too your time hey, well done
You really set the scene here. I guess there is always one night darker than all the others. Do you like horror movies? I like this poem.10/10
an evocative mix of short subtle, , , depictions almosy in a haiketic form...ending with a forceful provocative ending, , , 'who are we fooling? '

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