Darkest Hour

The tiger and the lion fought, as told in years gone by,
When nations in World Wars are caught, the bombs begin to fly...
And on each land and on each sea, the armies want to win,
As if such wars were meant to be, yet who would first give in?
If neither side would yield at all, more soldiers would be lost,
Civilians, too... yes, each would fall... regardless of the cost...
Advice was there, for all to hear, but courage had to speak,
Despite the horror and the fear, one voice stood out unique...

It shouted in the wilderness, against advice so far!
So loud, right there, it must impress! No matter who you are!
A miracle, of course, began, just like a rose to grow...
It changed the heart of each good man, 'Choose freedom, yes or no! '
And prayers ascended to God's Throne, 'Let freedom foster peace! '
Such that God made His power known... upon the lands and seas...
The tide was turned and people cheered, with courage born again,
Enough to face the foes each feared, in World War Two... AMEN...

Denis Martindale January 2018.

The poem is based on the film, Darkest Hour,
the World War Two story of Winston Churchill...
More info here: darkesthour-dot-co-dot-uk

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by Denis Martindale

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