darkness enveloped
my whole existence.

I felt,
being in a better position,
and satisfied that nobody
peeps into my perfect world of misery.

It as i, myself,
would have been ignorant
of the fissures drawn within me.

by Wali Jamali

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wali this poem is full of pain and hurt that is oozing out of every word you have used. may God Almighty take away and sooths your pain and give you peace of mind and soul. Ameen take care and pray, for prayers is a wonderful weapon.
A beautiful write so close and yet so far, not easy to comprehend regardless of how far from truth one is, to see it a light is needed!
waa deeply touched.....short lines with hidden myths..........sebastine
I feel that way sometimes....great write!
simple and yet it conveys an intricate emotion. loved it!
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