In a corner I cower in fear,
sitting with my head between my knees,
my arms tightly wrapped over me,
as the shadows creep in, watching me.

The obscurity possesses my thoughts,
corrupting my soul for eternity,
shifting my mood to one of pure evil,
as blood spills from my once crying eyes.

Shreiks of pain are heard as my blood,
is replaced with absolute nothingness,
as my heart freezes over and comes to a stop,
leaving me open to the true essence of fear.

Meanwhile, my movements become stiff,
as I move through this underworld,
only to be here isolated in this place,
all alone with my dark presence.

As I am followed by ghouls and images of bad omen,
as my empty corpse just keeps marching through this place,
as my last bits of spirit are being fed away,
into the clouds which surround this dismal region.

I roam my domain as in search of something,
yet finding that this unknown realm has its benefits,
walking among no one who can harm you,
not seeing anything, but your inner thoughts.

My life being the moot reason of my existence,
as I could care less to be here or in another place,
yet I crave this emptiness and loneliness,
it amplifies what I always hid from all, what made me.

Having nothing to lose, since all was taken,
I use absolute freedom to go where I please,
far far away from any light,
as far away from you.

by Javier Falcon

Comments (4)

oh wow..one of the most awesome poems i've ever read..instant fave!
Pretty deep, if you believe in ghost.
your title is very strong, i agree with the one below me, someone in the light will love you. very good write.
Very good expression of your feelings.... being Egoistic (pardon me) ! Maybe to overcome you fear you may start getting... far far away from darkness instead from light! Then you will find that you are not alone, that somebody else out there in the light is loving you! A 10.