Darkness fills my mind
It pours all inside
Squeezing and draining all my happiness out
Leaving me lonely and wanting to shout

This darkness, it’s taking over me
It won’t let me see
Good things are happening all around
Yet I can’t identify its sound

It only lets me breathe fumes of anger
Making my life less longer
Vapors of depression blind my eyes
So that no good can be noticed or implied

Everything I do is never good enough
No longer can I pretend to be brave and tough
The darkness overpowers me
Sending me to my knees

What kind of life is this?
Always so sad and depressed
Let me be free
Don’t trap everything inside of me

Every moment, I am stressed
I can’t ever seem to get the best
And it’s all because of this darkness
Stealing my life bit by bit

Born with only half of all this anger I have now
Now it’s about to blow
Silently I gave kept it
But it’s too much; I can’t take it

As all this sadness, hatred, and frustration builds up
It’s giving me no luck
I don’t know what to do with it all
I just sit there like a doll

Every time this darkness overcomes me
I just let it get to me
Even though I have a choice
I let it be the boss

This darkness, it’s just gone too far
It’s something I can’t drive way with by a car
There’s no escape; no route to follow
Only my depressed feelings and sorrow

Even without the past encounters of darkness
It’ll never be prevented; it’ll never get less
It haunts me everywhere I go
Whatever I do, day or night, whenever I show

by Rachel Blank

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