JC (11June 1940 / Binghamton, New York)



Darkness claims all I can see
I sit and wait for it to claim me
How did this happen, how could it be
Everyone's living their lives in misery

True intentions hidden beneath layers of lies
Does no one know how to cut the ties
With darkness that kills, and a fire that fries
Torturing us all til everyone dies

A better question - does anyone care
Will there ever be one who really does dare
To step forward, face up to the demon and stare
Into the eyes of darkness, those eyes of despair

Then make it back down, and force it to yield
I fear people have given up, and created a shield
To block out the pain, they dream of a green field
Will no one stand up with hope and then wield

The sword of humanity, for we've all grown old
Become numb to the feelings of others we're told
Have we lost all emotion, have we all been sold
To the highest bidder, so now the worlds cold

I've found that emotion is a joy to behold
Keeping it in check makes everyone cold

Jim 2008

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