Poem By Devin Iven

The fading in and out of days.

This character and scene we play.

Life as a puppet, to the masochist above.

Who taunts us with religion and a saviors burning love.

Drowning in the ocean of sorrow, I gasp for breath.

But heat is felt so fleetingly when you’re this close to death.

I join my voice with others screams, as we’re swallowed by the sea.

Impenetrable as a stone, my emotions sink below me.

How can I help the others swim, when I’m the one who’s drowning?

Wash away the painted mask, cause underneath I’m frowning.

Pressing deeper in our hearts.

The shards of icy, angry darts.

Warmth once felt in plenty.

Defeated by deaths sentry.

He calls my name, I follow.

I leave this world so hollow.

Filling it with all my might, has left it still so shallow.

Like bailing out a sinking ship, abandoned in the hallows.

While I drift upon the open sea.

No one thinks of saving me.

So save yourselves.

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