Let Me Be

Let me be,
Your cup of coffee,
In the morning.

Let me be,
The water that showers, you,
Each and every day.

Let me be,
The sunshine in your day,
Each, and every sunrise.

Let me be,
The smile in your eyes,
Each and every, night.

Let me be,
The one thing,
You cannot be without, ever.

Let me be,
What you look forward to,
Till time passes away.

12/5/10 Alton Texas

by Juan Olivarez

Comments (1)

Love this twist on darkness. I like how your words express how you feel about its usefulness. I can pray easier in the darkness, although my eyes are closed. The light behind my closed eyelids, when I pray during the day, seems to be distracting. I try to be sure to pray early in the morning no later than dawn.