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Poem By Ankoku Gekido

I scream but no one hears me
No one can hear my cries for help
As I am engulfed in the darkness of my heart
I scream and scratch at the walls of darkness that are consuming me
That are cutting off my air and sight
No one cares
No one stops to help
They just walk by
Like nothings wrong
They just keep walking
Walking out of my life to leave me alone
Alone in my sorrow
Alone in the darkness I am trapped
In the darkness the people I love created
The darkness that hushes my cries
That closes off my heart to all
That makes me not be able to breath
Not able to see the light that the world can have
All I see is darkness
I am the darkness now and now you see
You notice when it’s to late to save me
When my soul is already consumed in darkness
Now you see
Nothing is fine
I called for your help and you ignored me
Now it is to late to save this lost soul
I am lost to the darkness
Lost to the pain you put me through
In the pain you put others through
all you have left now is your malice
Your greed
Your want to destroy another life
To sell another girls soul to the darkness
And now as I lie in my dark cage
You lock it and throw away the key
So I am lost forever
In the darkness of my heart

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The light of darkness is much brighter than light people see.. We just need to act normal and stay quiet till she arrives.. A nice painful poem though. :)