Darkness And Light: The Second Attempt

Sitting thinking, thrashing my innersole, not knowing whether to listen to the Darkness or to him that seem to be bright as the absolute sun that is the Light.

I recall the unkind past deep buried in my memories. How life and time have been mercilessly giving me a headache. Spent most of my days speculating about my misfortunes. How I spent my night time in isolation, with no one to love, to hug, and to save, dragging me away from such pains.

Look I've been pulled left and right. I can`t breathe anymore. I gaze into the historical, how my life has been since I entered the soil. Trying to be good, has led me into nothing but desolation. I've become ashes waiting to be scattered.

Hope is nothing but deception delaying what should be accepted as veracity. I feel empty as everyone breathing in indignity.

Darkness approached again speaking in languages of soreness and demolition, then placed my heart in ruin. He said, the earth is opened for all of us to live as we will. A day separated by moon and the sun. That is His story as he entitle to have created what existed even before him.

Who generated him as our author? Darkness questioned expecting no response. If he is in charge, then tell me about suffering. How can an omnipotent being guard with no act of justice. He doesn't protect the weak while his sacred scriptures state that salvation is for those who bow down and kneel on his feet

Humbling their souls, silencing their egos as they pray for his fortification. Darkness uttered words as the sky pitch-black thundering with hatred and anger. I could feel time taking a stand with no wind blowing. But it was Death passing. Is it our will that we are soon to face bereavement? Or is it our choice that we turn to be gruesome, being born in this world with nothing! was never our intentions.

So show me the free will, direct me to its path. Darkness spoke projecting images of wars with women and children crying, being violated by those in power. Men bringing each other to end, with blood showering the whole cosmos.

I took a step back chanting mantras from the book of Torah, trying to remain strong in faith. As I was to open my mouth, moving my tongue...

Light emerged as He appeared to John in the prison of Patmos. No evil deed or words will be left uncorrected. No child of God will die in vain. Because of dark demonic spirits, there is hate in the world. But the eye of God is forever watching and His Spirit is always at work.

Even when the innocent die, even when they cry and their blood rains down from the sky. Our father is always with them covering their spirits. The physical body may agonize, and rest to ashes. But recognize the true nature of scriptures under the rapture, when souls are being saved snatched away from the wrath of vultures.

Light said, accept and observe the truth. You have lost your loved ones. You have lost your youthful days. You have lost all that you have lost. But deeply think. You haven't lost anything but nothing yet. Should we remind you that you came alone with nothing to dwell and work for light on this realm.

You are one of us from above. Darkness is a deceiver always blaming God for the misfortunes. Always trying to win people away from our……

I took over from light speaking in tongues... Away from our Divine Father who is always with us in sickness and death. In life and joy.

by Mduduzi OneMind

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A nice poetic imagination, Mduduzi. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks