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Darkness Ascends
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

Darkness Ascends

The night draws near
I hear your cries
Bloodied battle fields
Wasted lifes
Torment lasting
No retreat
Pick up your gun
Son get on your feet
The pocket bible
Momma gave
Tucked in tight
Keeps your heart safe
The drenched cold sand
Where buddies lye
Trails of scarlet
You watch them die
How cruel is this world
Why so much pain
Poor strong soldier
What have you to gain
Your baby he calls you
From oceans away
'Daddy come home'
Your older child says
Your wife sits home crying
The news shows us why
Her tears not unwarranted
She wishes she could fly
To be by your side
Now your old friends are gone
Soldier you know
that she isnt far wrong
Until the darkness ascends

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