Darkness Envelopes Her

This night banshee's herald death upon the moment of twilights touch.
Seeking solace in the arms of wisdom are we to be left beyond reproach?

Darkness envelopes her, swallowing the days descent
The blade she holds, formed of a shamans dream is shimmering
Dark light for a dark knights purpose, she rides to rise and
As she drifts throughout ethereal glades, moving in time with the shadows performing
She is the storm of midnights howling, she is the silhouette against the moon
Shrieking her laments in a monsoon torrent of tears.
Darkness envelopes her, smothering the memories that once kept her sane.
The heat of the night is as Nile desert air and moving upon its currents
Are strange and wondrous creatures, merging the past into the present.
Who are these creatures she asks?
These souls seeking towards a face amongst the faceless.
Tears shed in a moment of remorse are swelling,
What story are they telling?

Distant starlight burns away the memories of reflection upon looking glass eyes
How strange it is that the hours they pass only to be forgotten.
Come laugh with me sometime, come be fresh amongst the rotten.
Adorned in the feathers of elder gods we may amount the pyramid rising from blood soaked sand.

Dreams forgotten within the twilight of memory
They await the motion of the moment to sway them.
The city shall take no pity on them
As they writhe, lithe and breathing agony.
What horrors await unknown?

She sleeps within the shadow of herself.
She is an Idol in death, a decomposing Christ child in the summer heat.
Maggots are breeding in her body dying, feeding upon the source of life.

Bound within an asylum built upon foundation insecurities
How am I to gain confidence in the smile that shines a diamond mile.

An Indian Summer is rising
Small worlds are colliding
In the arms of the one they love
Souls are entwining as the threads of destiny untold.

by David Lacey

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