Darkness Is Sweet.....

Is it not a myth
that darkness stands for pessimism!
but if one can extract sweetness
out of darkness
will it not be holy! !
darkness carries the stillness
'planning' germinates in mind
for the next morning
no radiation hazard from light
no stress of looking at people
switch off the streetlights for a while
for conserving the energy of mind!
the mad touch of darkness
makes it possible
to rediscover myself
light is not required
for passing of time
I can visualize
what I have done during the day
black colour lulls to sleep:
eyes take rest in darkness
only to look fresh in the morning
if darkness is better
no problem should be bitter
as an inhabitant of earth
I have to welcome both:
darkness and light.

by Kishore Kumar Das

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Black is equally important as white and so darkness and light Beauty of light is evident only if there is darkness.. Well penned