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Darkness Lighted Upon
AD (15.11.1987 / Kolkata)

Darkness Lighted Upon

Poem By Anuradha Datta

What better way for my emotions to die?
than in the hands of the instinct
it was given birth by.
I never surrendered to anticipate and
all the while I hoped and wished and prayed.
There would come a day I so believed
when my rhyme would make you realize,
and leave me relieved.
My poetry wears not mere words as ornaments for decoration
but speaks of the spirit which led to its creation
It is good to be destroyed by the hands of which one is created
So that loss of the asset is never regretted.
Expire in me the power to raise a verse may
Expression such that my feelings for you couldn't convey…
Someday had you sung to me in praise of a foreign verse
The day you left on my elegy forever a deep laden curse…

My conscience on the threshold of time was thrown
Yet I have not forgotten myself to a stone.
Still I breathe and still I dream,
Still to proclaim my notions, I scream
In the echoing wind vanishes my voice...
Leaving my reminiscence in a vague poise.
Dies all reverberations, deafening me,
Fades my vision, no more with clarity can I see.
Weakens my body and abates my heart,
Refuses my soul from your desire to part...
Collapses my anxiety, subsides the tears
Ceases my anger, dies my fears.
Written or spoken whichever the mean
Revelation of truth still remains a sin.

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Comments (4)

A great start with a nice poem, Anuradha D. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Written in a highly emotional manner to kill the emotion. I like your style of writing.
Hi, it's a good one. Keep writing.
very nice poem, keep it up.