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Darkness Or Light
JTG (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)

Darkness Or Light

Darkness seeps right into the ground
Light from the holy sky shines down
The two paths that you can choose
We are right in the middle, win or lose

So fall into the dark hole
With the devil and sell your soul
Do things wrong and hurt others
You will meet the devils brothers

They are always walking around
In human form not making a sound
Until they have the chance to strike
Then they do it and make it right

They will take the warmest of hearts
Tie them up and then throw the darts
straight into their heart, thats their goal
Leaving only pain and hatred in their soul

So when the devil takes over your mother
Cleanse her soul, let him take another
Keep him out of your reach
So that he can not even get close to teach

All of his evil plans
So that he can take over earth and man
You want to be a slave to him
Choose the path of dark and sin

Then there is the path of light
Choose this one and you chose right
God always has a trick up his sleeves
Just wait and see don't disbelieve

He is there just waiting to strike
In human form protecting our rights
Never gives up on our righteous souls
After all he is the creator of goals

So choose the right way to lead
Don't follow those that choose with speed
Think about it before you act
You must at least try before your attacked

By the devils minions when god can't help
Blocked out by the barrier even when you yelp
He can't hear your call way up there
Because the devil is trying to make you hear

Everything that is evil and pure
Everything that has to do with war
He wants us all to fight against
Each other as if the only test

Is to see who is the better of all
We are all humans so stand up tall
Fight as one against his force
I promise you wont ever feel remorse

For choosing to fight all together
No one separated in any weather
Help each other out is what god would do
So please take that to your mind to brew

Now that i have told you of dark and light
Will you keep peace or will you fight
God or the devil take your pick
Don't choose wrong but be slick

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