NT (February 7,1992 / Logan, Utah)

Darkness Vs. Light

The devil’s light is darkness.
Which most think is harmless,
But actually full of Vanity,
And being Carefree.

Most believe it’s the better way.
That they could just sit around and play.
Little do they know of what they got themselves into,
Something that they can never undo.

Yet there is Zion, the Pure In Heart.
Where there are some who have not the heart to depart.
These are the people who have awaken and arisen,
And do their work with the outmost passion.

God still has hope for there is a remnant,
That will be able to pass all judgment.
And it fills his soul with delight,
To see such a light.

by Nyki Thomas

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this one moved me deeply...you've done some good strong writing here...keep up the good work!