(4 January 1925 - / Etawah, Uttar Pradesh / India)

Darkness Will Decline

My country! Don't be dejected
flame'll get ignited,
Darkness'll decline.
This night can only stay
Till the break of Dawn.
When buzzing of bees, opening of buds
Will dispel this darkness.
My love-Don't be disappointed.
Sun'll shine ! Flower's'll smile!
This autumn is only a preface to the coming spring
This night is some morn's destination.
The only seeds to sprout out prosperity are-
Deserted houses, tearful eyes, sobbing springs.
Dumb peace is Revolution.
Mute vision is a creation.
My work of creation - Don't be despondent
Destroyer'll pant ! Maker'll prosper !
My faith is over- fixed-
Earth's devotion can't be futile
Nor our sacrifice
Nor this tear stream
When pace progress at mind speed
Destination is never difficult.
My aim Don't be disappointed
Way's'll change : World'll change
What's life ?
A Light's cry
In a city of pitch darkness.
Times innumerable,
Death tried
To silence this sound for ever.
But notes never die,
Only their tone changes.
My song - Don't feel forlorn
Every sitar'll sing ! Every throat'll muse !
My country - Don't be dejected
flame'll get ignited,
Darkness'll decline.

(Translated By: RP Chadda)

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