Chasing Dreams

All my life I've been chasing dreams
It has never once occurred to me
If only I'd believed I could achieve
But words fell upon deaf ears with
Walls caving in I could feel my
Soul breathe in I'm slowly suffocating
I've been roughing it with barely to no
Oxygen doubts creeps in again
I've been weakened seems like all
Weekend while putting these weeks in
Just then time went no more to spend

Why am I at my wits end while breaking
Odds to get Even I was born a misfit
There are things I just don't get
I've fallen in these mosh pits
Where insults hits the hardest
Slicing through the Carcass
Air Condenses making things just
As intense so much suspense at
People's expense just then things
Gets worse and my lungs collapse
In but through the power of this pen
I'm squeezing as much ink that I can
Through earth's life-spans with my
Right hand as it extends all I'm asking

Is that when it's all said and done the
Smoking gun if anyone happens to find
One then let's embark as Louis and Clark
With two feet marched flames and sparks
Became my art that's where it starts
Reigniting old dreams though it seems
I've open things beyond my wildest
Dreams unlocking keys to past lives
Of memories that has died closeted
For years suddenly reappears sweat
And tears, hopes, fears and lost
Dreams that people believe they can
Live them through me now look at
How much I've done achieved
The End


by Laquory Jones

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