Darling You Complete Me

Poem By Sandesh Paudyal

Every time I think of you, I think of love
When I feel you I feel love
Eyes shutter down, I go on a ride
Halts, as though you come by my side

Lips overcome their boundries, on a high
Oasis against the deserted as I pass them by
Butterflies on my belly, a bliss to fly
Dancing to your tunes and they go on thy

Goosebumps starts firing, no price to pay
One after the other, firing waves on a bay
Myself within me becomes myself stars with a glee
Pores within me gets filled sadness goes in for the flee

A divine journey to heavenliness, no attempt to catch
Breaking the shackels of lonliness nothing of its match

An intervention from nothingness defining me
Painting the canvas read, darling uyou complete me

A completion for purpose nothing like it
Amongst the never ending chaos a merciful fit

Darkness as it seems, bangs on witha hit
Transfers into a shadow as you within me lit

No words for feeling, will never be
No measure for it for any to see
Just wanna say darling you complete me
just wanna say darling you complete me

Comments about Darling You Complete Me

A nice love poem well articulated and writing from the heart. I like the rhyme scheme of the piece. Kudos! And thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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