Limerick:There Was An Old Person Of Sparta

There was an Old Person of Sparta,
Who had twenty-one sons and one 'darter';
He fed them on snails,
And weighed them in scales,
That wonderful Person of Sparta.

by Edward Lear

Comments (5)

You are a ROCKSTAR! Such well written poem. Preets
Clothes maketh the man. A lovely poinient piece Nimal. just enough words to say what has to be said.
If she looks closely she will see that it is the socks that were darned with such care and not the polish that tried to hide them, that really matters Love duncan X
A bit wistful and vulnerable. But daydreams are fragile at best. The power of the poet's rich imagination is always at his disposal.He can simply paint another dreamscape that is more favorable to his mood. A very fine poem, Nimal. Sandra
Why do your feet smell?