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Darwin's Cat
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Darwin's Cat

On the desktop there he lay
Reaching out to help move the quill in a special way
Each stroke of his master's pin
Seemed to need assistance from him.

Dip it in the ink pot and then write so carefully
He studied the method of Charlie D.
Of course it was simply a game
One to endure just the same.

And when his master tired,
So did he
And sought out new pleasures
For him to see.

In the study of pollenation
It was clear Charlie needed some instruction.
Note how the flowers were shaped,
Just so for a insect to partake.

Of course he could have explained
That the monk had already been this way
And studied how inheritance came into play.
Who discovered that peas and their flowers
Were much easier to handle in a monastery.
But no, Charlie D. insisted to do it his way.

Now in the garden, planting seeds
He observed Charlie D.
Place a bit of fertilize carefully,
So what to do but dig alongside
And make a deposit there to hide.
Showed him how to cover it just so
That the plants were sure to grow.

Certainly the plants would prosper
And he taught Charlie D. much more
That while much was made of the Descent of Man,
Altruism was God's plan.

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