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Darwin's Dog
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Darwin's Dog

Was in the early days of life
Before he learned to hunt and fish
Charlie's twin Ralph, thought it would be nice
To have a companion, was his wish
(‘Twas too early to consider a wife.)
So he went a looking
For a pet he could be taking.
Into the wild he went that day
Seeking something with which to play.
Found a mother wolf there
Deep within her cozy lair
Had a lone puppy at her side
All the others must have wandered off
Which explained how it was that she
Was tutoring this one so carefully.

Saw Ralph looking in
Into her cavernous den
Thought what a change he'd be
And surely more than she
Would need on that blustery day
When this Darwin ventured out her way.
Of course ‘twould not to be polite
To give him a fright
So she welcomed him to come
And play a while before going home.

Ralphie sat down and explained
How it was that he came
To visit her that day
And intended to take her pup away.
No problem was her quick reply
For she saw no reason why
That her only one whom she loved so much
Shouldn't be the one that he would touch,
Just sit here next to me
And explain 'Change' plain as it can be.

So he started out on his cause
With never a thought or pause
Saying that survival of the fittest was the game
That Nature played with all the same.
Those that ventured out and found
The world was a treacherous place all around
Where the weak and dumb were the first to go
And mother wolf, nodded, 'Yes it's so.'

Come closer dear
For I would like my son to hear
What it is that you propose
About wolves in sheep clothes.
How by suggesting that all is well
The innocent can be caused to dwell
Just a moment too long
While listing to the siren's song
And how they become guest at dinner
Just in time, when the larder's growing thinner
Filling a spot at the table
Where we'll them enable.

So with Ralph the story ends
Yet sometimes history bends
The fate of Ralph's puppie
And Ralphie too, unhappily.

Note: Charlie went on to write
How it is 'alright'
For nature to select the best
And perhaps make dinner of the rest.
So we see
How it happened to be
That Darwin's dog is not to be found
It was the other way around.


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