Darwinian Theory

I shudder
In maddening darkness
Thinking about the cruelty
Of the compassionless world
Where everything is twisted
And upside down.

We construct prisons for the gentle
And provide elaborate mansions
For those most adept at plunder.
Can there be any wonder
That children carry guns
And have sexual fantasies
Of bringing their playmates under
Degradation and submission?

And no one has any redemptive plan
Of salvation and resistance,
Just go with the flow
Of society’s cultural insistence
To practice Darwinian Theory
On the devastated and downtrodden
Until the soul’s true divinity
Is lost and forgotten.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (3)

You are a very excellent writer...with so many poems to read! Keep writing...thank you...
Whoa. Just.... whoa. Lee xoxo
You are so right with this one Uriah. The world is in a sad state indeed. Where has the backbone of life gone, after all these years, what has the world to show for its advancements. Great read. You have captured the situation so well. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX