Dashing Hunk Of Man So Fine

I watched him as he removed his shirt,
that hunk of loven, James T. Kirk.
So young, and fine, oh what a man,
my lustful brain did concoct a plan.
To him this guy I must be smart,
how to meet this man who hathe stolen my heart.
To run my fingers through his hair,
kiss his lips with gentle care.
Whisper words into his ear,
that only, Kirk, would ever hear.
I know that, Kirk, is not actually real,
and is played with perfection by the dashing, Bill.
Brown eyes so warm, smile so fine,
oh how, William Shatner, has effected my mind.
To touch his hand would cause a stir,
for which mortal man hathe no cure.

by Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

Comments (2)

I thought this was very funny. I too had a crazed passion for a 'star' and I actually got to meet them........to my sad dissappointment! He was so much smaller than I had envisioned him (I am only 5 ft tall and I nearly looked him eye to eye) . My dream hunk dissolved before my eyes! ! Good luck to you. Sincerely, Mary
Velmar, your style reminds me of that highly-rated poet Dr Herbert Nehrlich. Have you heard of him?