Dating Again

I check the mirror more often now,
my make-up and my coiffure
To insure my physical features
match what others have to offer.
And I’m a little more observant of
basic rules of personal hygiene.
Good breath and body odors
and my ears can never be too clean.

I pay a little more attention to
the clothes I wear each day.
How I’ll look and what will show,
what he’ll think and what he might say.
Is this a good shirt to wear bowling?
Will these pants be too tight if I eat?
Which bra maximizes my boobs?
Which shoes minimize my feet?

A sex life is very cyclical
The organ must be in tune
Very in touch with the day of the month
And the lunar pull of the moon
Every 28 days things come to a halt
And his patience becomes an issue
Will he survive my many mood swings as
My uterus shucks superfluous tissue?

Thinking back and trying to recall
How I did things last time ‘round
Avoiding mistakes and faux pas
Making use of knowledge I’ve found
Feelings inside…I thought I had lost
Déjà vu…I remember back when
I swore I had learned my lesson
Yet here I am dating again.

by maggie signaigo

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Imaginative. Truly an inspiration. I like the prose feel and the language usage. It was almost funny to read and yet a little sad, too. A wonderful piece.