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Daugher Of The Wind

I am Time-Walker--daughter of the wind;
I play among the lofty mountain crags,
And dance upon the whispering water
Falling from cascading heights to rest
Within the depths of the quiet
And shimmering forest pool.
I fly with expectations across the rainbow,
And nestle fondly among the leaves
That sleep with dying grace upon
The bosom of the restless earth.
Yea! Hear me--daughter of the descending wind--
The one who dances in the starlight;
Recite a rhapsody for your rainbow of light,
And play it upon the cosmic harp of the stars;
And if you call to me, sweet creation,
I shall send forth abundant life--
From out of the glowing embers of reality,
Which pulsate within the vastness of the warp of time.

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beautiful, i give it a well deserved ~10~! ! Love, Starr