Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


She left because it was
the thing to do, she said.
We were so many years behind.
To make her own mistakes
she would be sure to not
repeat things of our past.

But it was not to be.
She made the same,
and then some more
cardinal errors, yeah.

She calls, what a surprise,
we talk about the options
and she wants to hear
total agreement, just this time
lest we could be the targets of
abuse, bred by the circumstance
of modern life, that's what they feel.

And, in the end she follows what
she deems acceptable and doable,
now I am sure she got her brains
from her own mother, bird she was.
And all her beauty came from what
is known in circles of the industry
as situational and Mendeleyan logic.
The two of us look smashing in the buff.

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Comments (2)

Well...........thanks for that visual Herbert! As for the poem, very heartwarming. I pray my kids don't make the same mistakes as I had as a young woman.....all I can do is cross my fingers and pray. Very nice poem. (Of course now the last line is burnt into my mind! !) Thanks, Mary
We think we know everything. I know I learned alot from my brother's mistakes when he first left home....but I still made my own as well. Good write!