KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Daughter My Teacher

I sit and try to think
of what I had in mind
when I was 17
and found you were inside...
I got so much advice
words of wisdom sometimes harsh
How could I have a baby
when I was still a child...
I never missed a chance
to have the Doctor say
My you're gaining weight
but things seem to look okay...
I ate and slept
I sewed and dreamed
I wondered what you were
your sex was not agreed...
Then you decided to let me know
just what you had in store
You came to me so perfectly
I could not ask for more...
You were an angel from the start
and taught me many things
Even though you are older now
You still help me spread my wings....
I want to say right now
how proud I am of you
Not only that you are my daughter
But because that you are you...

I love you Kimberly Danae Martin
Happy 31st Birthday!

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