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Evening Prayer
(3 February 1874 – 27 July 1946 / Allegheny, Pennsylvania)

Evening Prayer

Even with life and nature,
Even with mankind;
Acts and facts,
Works and words,
Evil acts facing Righteous Morals!
Seen commonly among us.

Evening Prayer!
Able to move up with your faith;
With righteous morals,
Praying to Father Yahweh Almighty.

The muse of life,
Light to the world when the right thing is done;

The muse of life,
Darkness to the world when the wrong thing is done;

Wrong verses right! !
Commonly seen around us.

Evening Prayer,
With faith and hope;
Uplifting hands up high! !
Words out of your mouth,
Praying for your life.

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Let me tell you a story. A painter loved a woman. A musician did not sing. A South African loved books. An American was a woman and needed help.........../// beautiful poem penned, love it
Part 3: Picasso just changed his style into cubism. I know how this portrait looked and so I know that Gertrude Stein has not a lovely face.To tell yo you that her words are lovely, my mind is too occupied. Thank you for sharing this Classic. Congratulations for her descent as the Classic Poem of the Day (yesterday tSaturday the 4th of Feb 2018)
Part 2: I know at this time she was hanging on Picasso's lips to have his paintings sold to her for her gallery.This poem resembles one of Picasso's cubistic paintings, a girl's face in this style.In this Gertrude succeeded. At the time Gertrude ordered a self portrait,
IF I may say in all honesty: This narrated poem is all Gertrude Stein. It has the short cut words she is so familiar with. We, as readers must not take a brief conclusion of our own, on the contrary, this poem needs to be associated with and examined, then we know finally what she meant with her staccato rhythm.
A Gertrude is a Gertrude is a Gertrude is a Gertrude, art and commerce make for difficult bedfellows, especially in America where the latter is important to the former. I'm glad this was chosen as a poem of the day.
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