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Daughters Suicide...

Daughters Suicide...

Poem By I wish i was as invisable as he made me feel

All my life my hands have been cold,
and my eyes have never been seen,
my voice has been stolen by a heart that was broken,
and my mind has never been keen..

All my life my feet have been bare,
and my lips have never been known,
my thoughts have been seized by a monotonous tease,
and my character has been turned to stone...

all my life my face has been pale,
and my fingers have never felt lace,
my ankles were bound from the pride so profound,
and my emotions then had no case...

all my life my ears were weak,
and my senses related no care,
my wrists were tied by the man that lied,
and my love was too much to bare!

all my life my screams have been high,
but my words were always ignored,
my tongue was cut, not by who or what,
but by the teeth that have eaten this lore...

All my life my body has been thrown,
but my mind has been ironically kept,
my cries were shot, so i never had got,
comfort from the many tears i wept...

all my life i haved lived in shame,
of the reflection i bare, in this endless blame,
in the way he danced and the way he lied,
in his addictions to his alcohol and his lies...

all my life i have loved him the same,
yet my hatred and hurt all rapidly came,
like the way he touched and the way he lied,
in the name of his daughters suicide...

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i think this was a well writte poem, i enjoyed it, its sadness and pain touched me...although im still trying to understand some of it.