* David

Your name still echoes
in stars-
gems, cool against
inky blackness
where space looks at earth
and earth peers back at me
inside your binary planets
blue as frost, melting me
to an overture of mossy sodden
stones, drenched
in tune to our winter stream
while hickory breaths
steal away our silence
filling lungs deep into
our hearts
merging warmth
as we break our
stony crosses
and love so wholly
in the freshness of
our youth.

(For D.H., Wilkinsonville, Mass.; ''Qualm'')

Copyright ©2004

by Adryan Barnathan

Comments (11)

I really love this poem and love the name too.
A, this is superb. You have a fine way with words. This had me dreaming.
This takes me back to warm and cherished moments of my youth.Thankyou for sharing such fine words.Love Duncan
Damselfly, you are a beautiful poet and you make me think of the greatest of all poets, David! ! !
I thought this might have been about me......I think it is a very nice poem..lots of twist's...nice david
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