PE (born 23-11-1950 / Cape Town, South Africa)

Dawkins Co-Incidence Poem

The tram is hot
The tram is full
It is a while
Before I secure a seat.

(There's a seat - Will it be mine?
It is! I just got there in time!)

The man facing the man on my left
Is reading Richard Dawkins's
'The God Delusion'.
The prospect of getting out
My 'The Melbourne Anglican' for November
And reading it
Rears its head.
The contrast is appealing.
Create poetry! calls a voice (inner)

Out comes the paper.
I start skinning through
Until on page 10
I see a piece headed
'Call for Responses to Tackle Aggressive Atheism'.

The contrrast here
Is so marked
I decide to write
This poem.

Later over fruit salad
I am reminded of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem
Seeing democracy
In the co-existence at a stop light
Of the people in a trendy Mercedes
And on the back of a garbage truck

Although travellers on a tram May disagree
To read what we like We are still free

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