Poem By Rebekah papalie

Glittering moonlight
Descends drowning the dark night
Crystal dew drops decorate
The surrounding’s
Engulfing everything in its blanket of
Liquid glass
Summoning mortal beings from their slumber
Voices of dawn echo among the hills
Vibrant shades of day
In harmony with its companions
Paints dawn in its untouched glory
Proceedings of mortality pass
As I lie between reality and fantasy
Amidst the silence submerged
In a shadow of twilight
Alone in a contained fantasy
Unable to decipher boundaries
Of existence
Struggle to escape a universe
Expect only consequence as the world
Is deaf to explanations
Expressions lost in a sea of dreams
Evolving with each passing theme
And life and death love and hate embraced by the dust of ages

Comments about Dawn

ENCHANTING POETRY! ! ! :) thank you........ forever, anjum azad

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